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What type of insurance would you like?

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What is Level Term?

This policy will pay out a lump sum if you die within a set period of time. The lump sum won't change over time.

What is Decreasing Term?

This policy is suitable to cover a debt that will gradually reduce over time (i.e. repayment mortgage). The pay-out will reduce over time and therefore the premiums are lower compared to Level Term.

What is Income Protection?

This policy can cover a range of eventualities including but not limited to accident, sickness and redundancy. Income protection is designed to pay you a monthly sum of money in the event you cannot work.

Considering other types of cover?

As well as life and critical illness cover, we also offer a range of other protection products including Income Protection, Family Income Benefit and more...

Who would you like to cover?


Joint or Single cover?

A joint policy will pay out on the death of the first person (but then not the death of the second). We will provide you with quotes for a joint policy and two single policies (where each policy will pay out on death) as there is often little difference in premiums.

How much cover would you like?


How much cover to take out?

This will depend on your circumstances. Some people wish to cover debts such as a mortgage and/or provide financial protection for your family.

If you're unsure about how much cover you need please call one of our consultants on 0800 334 5980

Please tell us your employment status

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How much would you like the policy to pay out monthly? (This is usually 55% of your monthly income)


From the time of a successful claim, when would you like to receive your first payment?


Would you like your policy to stop after a certain number of years, or at a specific age?

Health & Lifestyle

Have you used tobacco or nicotine products in the last 12 months?


What is included?

This includes cigarettes, cigars, a pipe or other tobacco products; including nicotine replacements and e-cigarettes.

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Have you used tobacco or nicotine products in the last 12 months?

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