Could a fitness device help you to get cheaper life insurance?

In the last few years, insurers have helped careful drivers to save money through the use of ‘telematics’ technology. By fitting an electronic device to your car, an insurer can monitor your driving habits and style and can reward you if you are careful on the roads. Now, could life insurers be about to follow … Continued

How to deal with floods and storms this winter

Over recent weeks, fierce storms have hit the British Isles. Abigail became the first storm to be named jointly by the UK and Irish Met offices and it brought with it high winds, rain, lightning and wintry showers. With further rain and strong winds having since battered parts of the country, many thousands of people … Continued

Penalty points costing drivers £132 million a year

If you have penalty points on your driving licence then it is likely that your car insurance is more expensive. Now, a new study has found that British drivers with points are paying £132 million a year in higher insurance premiums. The research from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and a leading price comparison … Continued